Personal guidance

Our approach to the pupil not only focuses on their intellectual-academic aspect but also aims to educate the human and spiritual dimension.

Personalised education considers each person as an individual soul. At the School our educators take into account the differences that define each pupil: their psychology, their qualities, their limitations, their previous formation, their family and social environment and their personal history. We have individual and group tutorials with the pupils, tutorials with the families, offering support and extension groups, assessment from the psycho-pedagogical guidance department and from the human formation team.

Thanks to this accompaniment, our pupils benefit from the help of tutors, our educators, the guidance department as well as the priests and consecrated lay members that maintain a close relationship with both pupils and their families throughout all stages of their development.



A support for the integral education of our pupils

The Guidance Department coordinates the personal advising programme implemented by the different educators at the School. Our department is made up of 7 individuals, each with a separate function but coordinated in order to achieve a common goal: “to learn about each pupil and their circumstances so as to be able to guide them and achieve the best of each”, understanding as including the educational team, the pupils themselves and their families.

The Department comprises psychologists: Mercedes Cortés who looks after Pre-School pupils; Cristina García for Primary Education; and Belén Sánchez, for Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO and Higher Secondary). In addition, the team includes psychologist Margarita Ram de Viu who supports our pupils as they start to learn reading and writing in Kindergarten 5; Laura Gallés, Pilar Valbuena and Carmen Arranz, teachers that provide support in Primary Education and, at specific times each week, we have the collaboration of speech therapist Dolors Bonet who is able to identify and oversee cases of children with spoken language difficulties.

These individuals collaborate with the teachers and tutors to coordinate each stage and to ensure that personal guidance is applied to every pupil and family.

To promote the personal growth of our pupils, the Guidance Department carries out the following duties and tasks:

  • Gathering personal, family and school information on the pupils to work together with the stage tutor and coordinators in following up the individual status of each pupil.

  • Exploring the pupil's level of development: undertaking educational psychological evaluations on all pupils at group level (P5, 2nd Grade Primary, 6th Grade Primary, 3rd and 4th Grade ESO) and at individual level as necessary.

  • Guiding the pupil through their individual growth process, under the motto: “Know yourself, accept yourself and succeed”.

  • Assessing the families and the faculty: collaborating with the teachers in preparing and developing interviews with the pupils’ families; all the families of the School can access the team of educational psychologists to make any consultation relating to the educational, evolutional, emotional and social development issues of their children.

  • Taking part in the personnel selection process.

  • Carrying out the initial assessment of newly-admitted pupils once they have registered at the school.

  • Providing useful educational psychological material to the faculty to assist their pupils.

  • Preparing and coordinating the different group working projects between pupils from different stages: “One to one” and “Reading sponsors”, “Extension programmes”.

  • Participating in educational programmes at the centre, providing assessment and implementing measures as required.

Our work, and that of the family, is to educate. It is without a doubt, the most beautiful, generous and gratifying work, but at the same time is one of the most complex tasks we face.

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