Human Formation

The School offers a human formation programme from Kindergarten 1 up to Higher Secondary. We believe that the formation of intelligence must be complemented by a formation of the will, sentiments, emotions, regard... in short, by forming every dimension of the individual that makes up their character.

In addition, we help pupils with the exciting task of self-awareness, to learn to accept and to overcome, equipping them with the necessary tools to take control of their lives as mature and free individuals.  


Our formation is adapted to each stage so that the pupil matures in line with the age group.

Objective: That the children learn about the human virtues and are encouraged to always and faithfully live by them both at School and in their natural environment: at home, in the park, with friends, family…

Programme: Vivi y Valo [Live and Value]


  • 1st Trimester: Happiness
  • 2nd Trimester: Obedience
  • 3rd Trimester: Order

Objective: That the pupil acquires the bases for the formation of a mature personality; that they learn about the virtues and possess the willingness to enthusiastically live by them, following the example of Christ, their friend.


Campaigns for experiencing the virtues




















Emotional education:

In Emotional Education we use dynamics to work on formation in emotional awareness, self-esteem, empathy, assertiveness... The purpose of this programme is to develop in our pupils, the socio-emotional skills that they need today to satisfactorily address life in society and to relate to those that surround them, in addition to controlling these emotions to prevent risk-taking behaviour and knowing how to handle adverse situations (loss of loved ones, drug use, academic failure, aggression, situations of bullying...).  

Objective: That the pupil consolidates the experience of the virtues, following the example of Jesus, as an attractive means to overcome themselves and achieve authenticity in life.

That they learn to live with an open mind and adopt the attitude of giving to others; achieving self-control and the channelling of their sentiments and emotion under the mastery of reason.


Education for love

Objective: To offer the pupils the necessary elements to value love as an innate fundamental vocation of every human being and to live in accordance with this vocation.

Social Participation Programmes

The integral formation offered by the School must lead our pupils to want to find a specific response to the needs of those that surround them, in particular the most vulnerable. A range of activities are organised throughout the school year with this objective in mind.

These programmes involve physical help and concern for our neighbours, organising activities in asylums, working with children, with mothers in difficulties….

Some of the charitable organisations with which we habitually collaborate are the Sisters of the Poor, Casa Guadalupe, parish soup kitchens, Cotolengo…

Always motivated

Every child and young person has great ideals and the values that we offer them are, in themselves, very attractive. But they are also difficult to live by. To help overcome this, we constantly motivate those pupils that would like to embrace these values, so that over time, they become part of their way of being.

All this formation is presented dynamically through many activities: educational talks, stories that carry a message, group dynamics, awards, competition, diplomas, coexistence, campaigns relating to values and virtues, exemplary individual testimonies...


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